French connections: British expatriates in late eighteenth-century France

French connections: British expatriates in late eighteenth-century France

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Le jeudi 23 octobre, 16h-18h

Une conférence de Simon Macdonald

En collaboration avec le Montreal British History Seminar (MBHS)

The diverse British presence in late eighteenth-century France is extraordinarily well documented because of the seizure during the French Revolution of expatriates’ personal papers, private collections and other assets. These exceptional and largely untapped sources reveal the activities of numerous British groups, especially workers, leisured travellers, government agents, international financiers, and expatriate Catholic institutions. Each had very different relationships with France, with Britain, and with the wider world; this paper examines these, and how they were changing. Franco–British relations during the eighteenth century are often reductively characterised as a simple matter of antagonism: but this paper argues that Paris, in particular, as a nexus for European elites, sociability, and commerce, constituted a key sorting-house for the maintenance and enactment of varied British links with the wider Continent, and expatriates formed essential intermediaries in these processes.

La conférence sera offerte en anglais, mais les échanges seront menés dans les deux langues, conformément au bilinguisme passif du GRHS.

Simon Macdonald est chercheur postdoctoral Banting à l’université McGill. Il a reçu son doctorat en Histoire à l’université de Cambridge en 2011 et a fait des études postdoctorales à l’University College London, à l’Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities de l’université d’Edimbourg, et à la British School at Rome. Il a été aussi déteneur de bourses de recherche aux bibliothèques Beinecke et Lewis Walpole de Yale, et à la bibliothèque Houghton de Harvard.  Ses publications récentes incluent, par exemple, ‘English-language newspapers in revolutionary France’, Journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies (2013); et ‘Identifying Mrs Meeke: Another Burney Family Novelist’, Review of English Studies (2013).


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Le jeudi 23 octobre, 16h-18h

Thomson House 404

McGill University

3650 Rue McTavish,

Montréal, QC

H3A 1Y2, Canada

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